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Socialising Your Puppy During the Lockdown

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Stress In The City Dog

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Puppy Toilet Training

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Understanding Resource Guarding in Dogs

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Before You Bring Home A Puppy

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Does your dog eat his poop?

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Toilet Train Your Dog During The Pandemic

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The Dog Hate Dog World

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Understanding Canine Fear Towards Humans

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Canine Body Language – The Wagging Tail

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About Shirin

The world said it couldn’t be done – Indian women can’t train dogs! Shirin Merchant said it could and then went on to show them how. Not only did she train dogs, but for over 24 years, she has worked hard to change the way dogs are trained in India from methods of intimidation and pain to kinder, positive training methods.

Now, when a trainer tells a dog owner it can’t be done, the swift retort is – “If Shirin could, we can.” Thanks to Shirin, dog lovers in India now believe that there is always a kinder approach to any problem.

Over 25 years of experience
First certified behaviourist in India
Over 300 students worldwide

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